Terms & Conditions


  1. Appointments /Pick-ups are generally done between 10:00 hrs-21:00 hrs (Mon-Sun)
  2. Charges are non-negotiable
  3. Estimated cost may vary, amount mentioned on the invoice will be considered the final payable amount
  4. Minimum order amount of 1500 is required for free pickup and delivery in Delhi/NCR else a convenience charge of minimum 250 INR is levied
  5. Being a MTM service, minimum 50% advance would be required at the time of appointment rest at the time of delivery
  6. An Alteration order(i.e. An alteration as an order by customer) will not qualify for a free alteration by us
  7. A service charge of 10% of the total amount is levied on stitching price
  8. A Service Tax of 15% is applicable on Designing Charges
  9. A Sales Tax of 5% is applicable on Fabric sourced through us
  10. If a consultant visits you for an appointment and you decide not to place any order with us, then a visiting charge of 250-450 would be payable by the customer
  11. Customers are requested to sign the order form with design and preferences mentioned on it as agreed design and preference
  12. Once your order has gone into production any change in design not mentioned and agreed by you on order form will result in alteration charge to be paid by you
  13. Any order cancelled after appointment or fabric being picked up from you will result in 50% advance for stitching forfeited
  14. Customers are required to provide their best fit garment similar to the garment to be made to ascertain the fit required by you
  15. Slight differences in shading of a product of the same fabric (due to variations in the dying process) are possible
  16. Since your garment is handmade and not machine-made, slight variations in the fit of two finished garments produced with the same body measurements may occur, but are generally not noticeable
  17. Off cuts will be throwaway or recycled unless the client requests to keep


  1. Standard delivery time is 10-15 working days.it may vary depending on various circumstances
  2. Delivery Date of an order is calculated from the date customer makes payment and not necessarily the date order was picked on
  3. We cannot commit a delivery time but the date of delivery as the delivery is being done by a 3rd party contracted logistics company
  4. Free delivery is applicable only on first attempt at delivery. Please have someone available to receive the delivery in your absence. If you want to reschedule the delivery, please call us 1 day in advance to change the delivery date.
  5. Garments not collected within one month of delivery date will be donated to a charity organization unless it is an informed delay in acceptance of the delivery


  1. You should report your fitting issues within 7 days from the date of delivering your order by sending a mail to info@darzeecouture.com or contacting us at +919335550009
  2. If the fit of your garment is not per agreed specification, we’ll alter the garment for free.
  3. We only cater to 1 free alteration in a garment stitched by us. If any changes are required by the customer after 1st alteration will be chargeable
  4. We offer no refunds in any case, as we sell custom-made products. According to international law, as we cannot reuse or resell the product (the item having been especially made for the individual according to their custom design), there is no resale value, and thus we are not required to accept returns
  5. Prices for our service/product are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Service (or any part or content thereof) without notice at any time. We shall not be liable to you or to any third-party for any modification, price change, suspension or discontinuance of products or the Service.
  6. Any order that you place shall be subject to the restrictions and limitations not limited to, product availability and serviceable areas only

Express Delivery

Please refer to below table for Express delivery surcharge if you require your delivery sooner than our regular delivery time

Day Express Delivery Extra
3 40%
5 25%
7 10%