Darzee Couture is India’s first of its kind service, where all your tailoring needs are fulfilled under one roof. Ardent follower of Givenchy’s  statement that a dress must follow the body and not the other way round. Darzee Couture stands for strong personal style. Creative owners at Darzee Couture believe in deciphering the myth that individualized patterns can be time-consuming and expensive.

With the influx of ready- to- wear designer labels, made-to-measure custom stitching is considered passé. With the time crunch and living on the deadline phase, all segments seem to pull up their schedules for mall hopping. Hunting for the perfect tuxedo or an oomph factor cocktail gown inside the brick and mortar stores has its own limitations. At times, your size, style, choice of fabric or certain colour is not available.

Darzee Couture is all about made- to- measure and cut-to-fit philosophy. Custom tailoring is synonymous with perfection in measurements, choice of fabric, colour, pattern, collar and cuffs et al.  A nascent venture but elegance and sophistication best describes Darzee Couture services. With design focus on craftsmanship and aesthetics, Darzee Couture custom tailored and bespoke services are talk of the town. Our aim is to provide an experience that epitomizes the age old craft of refined tailoring.

Beautiful fabrics, chic designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and fine attention to detail, we know our client’s requirements. Our team of fashion designers are so inspired by the sophistication and elegance. Our team showcases the workmanship that had been handed down from generation to generation.  At Darzee Couture, we offer exceptional fitting to our made to measure garments.  We aim to fit into the specific client needs as we as a brand stand has an affinity for combining perfect fit with exquisite details. Our stitched pieces speak for itself like a graceful statement.

All stitched in the Delhi boutique with constant involvement of our fashion designers who arrive at your place with design book and leave with your measurements. The made-to-measure designs consist of hand- made embroidery created by experienced hands that combine finesse with trends. We provide in vogue color palettes and embroidery details. Our team always constantly research for the latest textile trends, looks for the finesse in design. The bespoke services are tailored for fashion junkie who loves to embrace the latest fad.


  • We are a team of painstaking people who are diligently dedicated to their organisation and believe in achieving highest capstone by understanding the requirements of our clients and designing and delivering the best quality products and services which enable them to exceed their expectations.
  • We will always prove our love and care towards our clients by prognosticating their requirements with our happy to help motto.
  • We believe in our team of professional tailors and designers and see our organisation as a place where their people are encouraged and motivated on daily basis through continuous learning and skill polishing programmes.
  • Our people are respected, heard and encouraged so that they work efficaciously and accomplished every milestone with full dedication. We appreciate new ideas and suggestions and always encourage decision making at every level.
  • We see an organisation which is very responsive to their customers and best products and services are delivered with the endeavours of our dedicated team who never fails to satisfy their clients.
  • We see an organisation which supports social needs. We are committed to the environment and will always be using natural products and recycling items, thus ensuring proper use of diminishing natural resources.



We are committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients through our incessant devotedness to every aspect of our service.


We are committed to the growth, development and welfare of our employees who are fealty towards their profession.

“The concept is amazing, I was always searching for something like this and finally came across with this awesome website, that made my day to day problem of searching for a perfect tailor easy, so that I can look smart and courtly at the same time, as this is the demand of my profession. I totally recommend you guys to at least try their MTM services once in your lifetime. I am sure you gonna love the services they offer”

“In this busy life where it becomes very difficult to go to a tailor and spend time in explaining the styles and quality. I found this place where I simply booked an online appointment and got the personalized service at my office. I am glad that with a home appointment I not only got my favourite styles stitched, I also got quality and timely delivery of my products. Kudos to Darzee Couture, you guys are doing great work! ”

“I got a suit stitched for my cousin’s wedding by calling their MTM Expert “Gaurav” to my home. Initially I was not sure about my attire for the wedding but with Gaurav’s suggestions and ideas, I was able to finalise a perfect outfit. I was showered with compliments. Thank You for helping me in making a wise choice with your amazing sense of fashion. Cheers!”

“One day out of curiosity I booked an appointment with them and in no time I got a call from one their specialists and the next day at my home I gave them all my old clothes that got loose because of my weight loss. What I got in return was beautifully fitted new clothes that were earlier just making my wardrobe look over stuffed and useless. I thank them for helping me getting my clothes back and that too in a very less time. Endeavours appreciated!”


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.